Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Saturn Report

For topic this term we had to do Space activity's and one of them was a report here is mine.I chose Saturn because it looked like an interesting planet to do and I already had learned some stuff about it.My favourite thing about Saturn is the rings 


Saturn is the 5th closest planet to the sun. Its distance is 1.429 billion km away from the sun. Saturn is the only planet with rings and is mostly known for its rings.

Saturn has 4 main groups of rings and three narrow ring groups. Saturn's rings are made of ice dust and rocks.Some of these particles are as small as a grain of salt while some are as big as houses. About 4.5 billion years ago,one of Saturn's largest moons formed too close to the planet to maintain a stable orbit. Because of this, Saturn’s gravity ripped the icy surface off the moon and this is what the rings are made of.

Saturn has 62 moons that travel around Saturn. They come in all different sizes .The largest moon is Titan. Titan is the only moon with clouds and its was the first moon to be discovered.Dione is one of Saturn’s moons and thought to be a rocky core then surrounded by water and ice.

When Saturn is viewed through a telescope it’s seen as a sphere of lightly coloured bands parallel to the equator Saturn's covered with a thick atmosphere made up of hydrogen and helium. Saturn's Temperature is believed to be -168  degrees  celsius. In 1610 Galileo Galilei found Saturn by observing through a telescope.
Saturn's distance from earth is 1.2 billions Kilometers.It took Pioneer 11 6 and a half years to get saturn from earth.

Saturn is very special because of its rings. Saturn's rings are very significant.There can never be human life on saturn because it takes 6 and a half years to get there.

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