Thursday, 9 August 2018

Designing a Mars Lander, Presentation

Design Process

Imagine is when you have to think outside of the box make it better,brighter and add more creative
things and designs Plan is when you sketch ideas or brainstorm ideas about it and think of what you like better, and what one might be the best design. Create is where you start to make your prototype, and testing out different types of materials and playing around with things trying to make it better.Test is when you collect data and test out things that make your design better and worse, also seeing if it moves or does whatever you have made it to do.Improve is when you have messed up on something on your design then you change it to make it better or add something or even take it away.

A Bit about Mars

  • Mars is the coldest desert planet
  • Mars has seasons,weather and volcanoes
  • Mars is red because of the rusty iron on the ground 
  • Mars can be hot, cold and it’s sometimes icy

Mars Rover Simulator

This is my Mars lander I designed, it has 6 wheels and they are strong to help it move over the terrain, it also has a sensor on the back to sense things and collect data from earth. It has a arm at the front to move the camera around.

Coding, Sphero edu

In Robotics this week we use a app called Sphero EDU to code our Spheros, We had to write a code with lots of letters, numbers it was quite complicated and also things like this (}{,.;+=!). It was kinda hard to work with it on an iPad because it was hard to find all the punctuation, we also wrote lines like e.g (await delay (1) ; We are going to use this app later on to make our Mars Lander move around.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

9 Art

We also had to do a Robot drawing and include shading and 2 robots. My drawing is about a film about a robot and there are robots watching the movie.

9 Art

This is another one of my water colour paintings. I did this quickly its not finished but its meant to be sea with stars in the sky.

9 Art

This is my Van Gogh art we painting in Art class. We painted with water colours. It was kind of difficult because if the paints mixed together its hard to get the colour back.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Turtle in Space

Today in Robotics we have learnt how to code and make a game. We had to copy a code from "Turtle in space" and change it around to make our own shape and background color. We had to make sure the code was right or other wise it wouldn't run and work. You also get to change the speed of the rocket to make it go faster or slower. Some of the code was  (set out like this- screen.onkey(forward, "Up" )

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Football Challenge with Python

For this game we had to write a code out to place the players on the football field, how we did that we wrote a code like this- drawPlayer("red",60,120,"Goal Keeper"), once the player was placed on the field we had to change the coordinates to move them into their positions and also change their names like "Goal Keeper" I found this pretty hard because it was difficult to move them into their spots and make sure the code was right other wise this wouldn't work and the picture wouldn't come up. What we needed to include was Goal Keeper, Full Back, Forward players and Mid Field.

Friday, 15 June 2018

My presentation- Brave

On Monday I presented my speech to Lillie,Fern and Tara it was about the Movie Brave I wrote about how it links in with the hero cycle and how Merida is a Hero. The main character in the movie is a girl named Merida she has a fight with her mother about being well behaved and posh like a queen and wishes for her mother fait to be changed by a lady in the bush, it works and her mother changes into a bear and she has to change her mother back before sun rise. When I presented my speech I was really nervous because I'm don't like getting up in front of the class but luckily we got to present it in front of a small group of people, I think I did better than I thought I would do.

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